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We are not traitors

but the lights go out.

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alternate realities, alternate universes, angels, angst, benvolio/mercutio, big finish audios, blankets, bleedover, bones, caffeine, cats, challenges, chosen family, classic movies, comfy beds, cosplay, costumes, crack pairings, criminal minds, crossovers, crowley/aziraphale, david berkeley, david bowie, dead like me, dead poet's society, dialogue, doctor who, doctor/doctor, doctor/master, doctor/romana, doctor/tardis/screwdriver, douglas adams, drabbles, fairy tales, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy eugenics, feeling electric, femslash, fiction, firefly, fucked-up relationships, fuzzy pillows, gay pride, geek love, geekery, glasses, good omens, green pens, hats, headvoices, independent movies, jazz, john simm, joss whedon, legal pads, legends, lesbians, libraries, life on mars, lights, lists of grievances, literature, lolcats, lyrics, making characters hate me, mental health, minor characters, monty python, muses, nanowrimo, napping, neil gaiman, new perspectives, newsies, nostalgia, notebooks, ooo shiny, original characters, oscar wilde, pens, philosophy, pillows, poetry, post-its, prompts, psychological profiling, psychology, pumpkin pies, pushing daisies, quirks, quoting books, quoting musicals, rain, rainbows, random things of rassilon, renn fair, rent, roleplaying, scarves, second person, serenity, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shipping the master with everyone ever, short stories, showers, slash, slings and arrows, socks, soulbonding, speculative fiction, sports night, stephen fry, stephen sondheim, storms, storytelling, sweeney todd, swing, tardis/screwdriver, tea, the alter tree, the barrowman, the beatles, the doctor, the eighth doctor, the fifth doctor, the fourth doctor, the memento mori shrub, the snowball of love, the tenth doctor, the weepies, third person narrative, threesomes, tick tick boom, tori amos, unhappy endings, urban fantasy, watches, webcomics, words, writing,

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